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Imagine you're a caregiver supporting a client with newly diagnosed diabetes. You need a quick refresher on blood sugar monitoring. With Learn2Care's Just In Time Review, you can find a clear, concise video demonstrating the steps – all within minutes and accessible from your phone! This empowers you to:

  • Bridge the gap between initial training and on-the-job application
  • Reinforce best practices and ensure consistent care delivery
  • Reduce reliance on supervisors for basic knowledge refreshers
  • Boost caregiver confidence and competence
Professional Caregiver Training vs. Just In Time Review Videos - Learn2Care

Professional Caregiver Training
vs. Just In Time Review Videos

Our Professional Caregiver Training is the foundational learning source for private duty caregivers, which is essential before commencing their roles. However, during their work, caregivers might require quick refreshers. Our "Just In Time" videos are easily searchable for immediate assistance.

Sample Topics Include:

  • Patient Rights
  • Fire Safety
  • Assist With Dressing
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Falls: Normal Aging
  • Preparing Food
  • Shampooing Hair
  • Specific Diseases

Important: You may only perform tasks for which you have been trained, which have been approved by your supervisor, and which are listed in the person’s Plan of Care, as defined by state law.

Achieve Caregiver Training Success With Learn2Care

Flexible Online Caregiver Learning - Learn2Care

Flexible Learning

Tailor a learning plan to fit your busy life. Learn at your own pace and reach your personal goals on your schedule.

User Friendly Access to Learn2Care Caregiver Training Platform

User Friendly Access

Use any device: computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is an Internet connection and your secure login, anytime and anywhere.

Caregiver Training Content - Learn2Care

Content That Matters

Adults learn best when they know it matters. Learn2Care teaches more than just tasks you do. You will learn how to give great care.

Caregiver Training Reports - Learn2Care

Robust Reporting

Cut time and costs by tracking and reporting learning activities in real-time in many ways. Use your time where it matters most: giving care.

Got a Question?

Adults learn best when it matters the most. Just In Time Review Videos are crash courses that give caregivers a quick solution to problems they face on the job. Each video is only 1-4 minutes long and is straight from Learn2Care's "Professional Caregiver Training" courses.

Using the short review videos from Just In Time Review Training is a good refresher for caregivers on the job. However, Professional Caregiver Training is the source of primary learning.

Caregivers can easily take Learn2Care's short training videos on a device of their choice - phone, tablet, or computer - from anywhere at any time.

Caregivers are only permitted to perform tasks for which they have been trained on, approved by their supervisor, and identified in the person’s Plan of Care, as defined by state law.