Empower Your Home Care Agency with Learn2Care

Empowering Your
Home Care Agency

  • Mitigate Regulatory Risks: Minimize penalties and legal liabilities with compliant training programs, effectively meeting state and federal requirements.
  • Reduced Turnover Costs: Invest in your caregiver and staff's growth to reduce turnover costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees.
  • Competitive Edge: Stand out in specialized care markets like Dementia and Alzheimer's by equipping caregivers with advanced skills to meet complex client needs effectively.
  • Elevate Client Outcomes: Ensure caregivers are well-trained, motivated, and equipped with the necessary skills to provide exceptional care tailored to individual needs.
Online Training for Caregivers and Staff - Learn2Care
Empowering Caregivers & Staff

Cultivating Excellence
Within Your Team

  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Provide pathways for caregivers and staff to advance their careers within the organization through training & certification programs.
  • Continuing Education: Offer ongoing learning opportunities to ensure caregivers and staff stay updated on industry best practices, new technologies, and evolving care techniques.
  • Leadership & Management: Develop your staff's leadership skills and learn effective strategies for managing and motivating your team.
  • Increased Job Satisfaction & Retention: Investing in staff's career advancement enhances job satisfaction while improving client care delivery.
Key Features

Enhancing Your Training Experience

National Caregiver Compliance - Learn2Care

National Compliance

Learn2Care Courses adheres to the US CMS HHA Conditions of Participation for home health aide services.

Custom Caregiver Training Courses - Learn2Care

Custom Courses

Upload personalized training content to meet specific client needs, providing caregivers with personalized resources.

Caregiver Training Reports - Learn2Care

Training Reports

Track caregiver progress efficiently with comprehensive reporting systems, gaining insights into completion and performance.

Career Growth with Caregiver Training - Learn2Care

Career Growth

Foster leadership development with courses on communication, problem-solving, and strategic decision-making.

On-demand Caregiver training Videos - Learn2Care

Bite-Sized Videos

Access short, concise videos on-demand for quick reference and continuous learning.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care Training Programs - Learn2Care

Specialized Learning Paths

Equip caregivers with specialized skills for serving clients with unique needs like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

State Compliant, High-Quality Training

Best-in-class training for non-medical home care professionals & caregivers.

Get your caregivers up and running more quickly than ever before.

  • 65+ hours of online curriculum content
  • Adheres to CMS HHA Conditions of Participation
  • Asynchronous learning improves time management and costs
  • User-friendly learning with great graphics and design
  • Adult learning methods, like “why it matters”
  • Onboarding, competencies, performance improvement plans, and more
  • Delivered in Learn2Care’s Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Robust reporting for administrators and managers
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Professional Caregiver Training - Learn2Care

Quick refresher videos:

  • Short review videos for “Just In Time” caregiving needs
  • Topics are from our Professional Caregiver Training
  • 1-4 minutes per video
  • User-friendly search engine to find what you need
  • Ensure consistency of knowledge and tasks
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Just In Time Review - Learn2Care

Prepare your home care professionals to inspire and lead others.

  • Leadership courses for your agency’s administrators, managers, office staff, and other leaders
  • Introductory career ladder training for caregivers who want to grow into leadership roles
  • Asynchronous, self-guided learning
  • Multi-faceted business skills, behaviors, communications, and problem-solving
  • Delivered in Learn2Care’s Learning Management System (LMS)
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Leadership Growth - Learn2Care