Empowering Your
Home Care Agency

  • Mitigate Regulatory Risks: Minimize penalties and legal liabilities with compliant training programs, effectively meeting state and federal requirements.
  • Reduced Turnover Costs: Invest in your caregiver and staff's growth to reduce turnover costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees.
  • Competitive Edge: Stand out in specialized care markets like Dementia and Alzheimer's by equipping caregivers with advanced skills to meet complex client needs effectively.
  • Elevate Client Outcomes: Ensure caregivers are well-trained, motivated, and equipped with the necessary skills to provide exceptional care tailored to individual needs.
Empowering Caregivers & Staff

Cultivating Excellence
Within Your Team

  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Provide pathways for caregivers and staff to advance their careers within the organization through training & certification programs.
  • Continuing Education: Offer ongoing learning opportunities to ensure caregivers and staff stay updated on industry best practices, new technologies, and evolving care techniques.
  • Leadership & Management: Develop your staff's leadership skills and learn effective strategies for managing and motivating your team.
  • Increased Job Satisfaction & Retention: Investing in staff's career advancement enhances job satisfaction while improving client care delivery.
Key Features

Enhancing Your Training Experience

National Compliance

Learn2Care Courses adheres to the US CMS HHA Conditions of Participation for home health aide services.

Custom Courses

Upload personalized training content to meet specific client needs, providing caregivers with personalized resources.

Training Reports

Track caregiver progress efficiently with comprehensive reporting systems, offering insights into completion and performance.

Career Growth

Foster leadership development with courses on communication, problem-solving, and strategic decision-making.

Bite-Sized Videos

Access short, concise videos on-demand for quick reference and continuous learning.

Specialized Learning Paths

Equip caregivers with specialized skills for serving clients with unique needs like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

State Compliant, High-Quality Training

Best-in-class training for non-medical home care professionals & caregivers.

Get your caregivers up and running more quickly than ever before with:

  • 59+ hours of online curriculum content
  • Adheres to CMS HHA Conditions of Participation
  • Asynchronous learning improves time management and costs
  • User-friendly learning with great graphics and design
  • Adult learning methods, like “why it matters”
  • Onboarding, competencies, performance improvement plans, and more
  • Delivered in Learn2Care’s Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Robust reporting for administrators and managers
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Quick refresher videos:

  • Short review videos for “Just In Time” caregiving needs
  • Topics are from our Professional Caregiver Training
  • 1-4 minutes per video
  • User-friendly search engine to find what you need
  • Ensure consistency of knowledge and tasks
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Prepare your home care professionals to inspire and lead others with the following modules:

  • Leadership courses for your agency’s administrators, managers, office staff, and other leaders
  • Introductory career ladder training for caregivers who want to grow into leadership roles
  • Asynchronous, self-guided learning
  • Multi-faceted business skills, behaviors, communications, and problem-solving
  • Delivered in Learn2Care’s Learning Management System (LMS)
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