Online Training That is Relevant

Professional caregivers at your home care agency are most likely a diverse group of people with different aspirations & job types, and Learn2Care’s curriculum is tailored to each of them:

  • Young, old, somewhere in between
  • Seeking their first/second career, or work after retirement options
  • Full/Part-time caregiving professionals
  • Longtime local resident, international ESL
  • Qualified with different levels of education
  • Professionals with varied vocational aspirations

All caregivers, regardless of their workgroup or role, must share a common commitment to

Organized Learning for Progressive Caregiver Roles


A Sitter “sits” with the person, but does not provide any kind of homemaking tasks, companionship activities or transportation, nor hands-on assistance with personal hygiene or other trained aide tasks


A Homemaker is trained and assigned to assist with specific home-making tasks, like cleaning or preparing meals; and “sitting” with the person


A Companion is trained and assigned to do these, plus provide appropriate person-centered assistance with activities and socialization


An Aide must be trained, approved, assigned, and supervised to specific tasks in the person’s Plan of Care, and can include any tasks in typical Sitter, Homemaker, Companion, Aide

Teaches applications for different caregiver roles

A caregiver’s job can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult for them to understand what is expected of them in a specific job role. It doesn’t have to be this hard! Learn2Care teaches the applications for various caregiver roles very well through examples.

Are you ready for your agency’s caregivers to try