Learn to Give Complete Care

Is your home health agency passionate about giving great care?

Being a professional caregiver calls for compassionate presence, smart knowledge, practical actions, empathic understanding, and full circle wisdom.

Learn2Care teaches your caregivers how to give:

  • Compassionate Care: Giving Person Centered Care in Homes
  • Smart Care: Infection Control, Safety, Emergencies
  • Practical Care: Sitters, Homemakers, Companions, Aides
  • Empathic Care: Empathy, Diseases, Disabilities, Dementia
  • 360 Full Circle Care: Full Circle Endings and Beginnings

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Learn to Give the Right Care

Deliver the effective, desired, and needed care! Key principles & tasks for the suited home care assistance include:

  • Person-centered care
  • Safe, clean & healthy environment
  • Infection control
  • Effective communication with patients, families, & HHA staff
  • Physical, emotional, & developmental needs & ways to give care
  • Recognizing emergencies & knowing how to respond
  • Respect for patient, his or her privacy, & property
  • Appropriate & safe techniques, related to the scope of one’s role

Individual states may impose additional requirements and/or restrictions on the range of services you provide. Learn2Care assists you in meeting those state training requirements.

Learn What You Need, When You Need It

Caregiver Training

  • 59+ hours of online Learn2Care content
  • Training for Home Care Sitters, Homemakers, Companions, and Aides
  • Adult learning methods
  • Graded knowledge checks and application questions
  • Robust reporting for onboarding, annual competencies, and more

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Just In
Time Review

  • Short review videos for “Just In Time” caregiving needs
  • Review specific topics from our Professional Caregiver Training modules
  • 1-4 minutes per video
  • User-friendly search engine to find what you need, when you need it
  • Ensure consistency across your agency

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  • Leadership courses for your agency’s administrators, managers, office staff, and other leaders
  • Introductory career ladder training for caregivers who want to grow into leadership roles
  • Multi-faceted business skills, behaviors, communications, and problem-solving

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Learn2Care expertly equips your agency to:

  • Onboard new professional caregivers
  • Develop person-centered communication and compassion
  • Provide annual best practice competencies
  • Tackle performance improvement needs
  • Instill consistent education for all employees
  • Support and develop leaders for now and ahead


Yes, agencies can add their own training material to the Learn2Care Platform.

Caregivers can easily take our courses on a phone, tablet, or computer. They can resume the lessons from right where they left off without any disruptions.

It is not necessary for some states, but most require adequate training and certification to start working as a caregiver. Learn2Care equips your agency's caregivers with 59+ hours of professional caregiver training, short review videos for specific topics, and leadership courses.

Feel confident that you are providing content to your caregivers that complies with the US CMS HHA Conditions of Participation for home health aides.

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